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Our innovation and technology change the way of the environmental monitoring.  Hummingbird is a Smart Environmental Monitoring firm based in Ann Arbor, MI, USA. . With an emphasis on leadership and collaboration, our talented team works smart and hard to deliver high-quality solutions to volatile organic compound monitoring. 

About Us

Hummingbird is comprised of a group of scientists, engineers and business elites who focus on creative solutions for complex environmental problems. Since 2016, we’ve accomplished much success with state-of-the-art Micro Gas Chromatography (MicroGC) development. We strive for innovation and creative works to help to monitor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), remotely, automatically, fast, accurately. Integrating MEMS technology, cloud, advanced algorithms, GIS, Hummingbird MicroGC is the world first industrial IoT GC to deliver best VOC monitoring. 

MEMS Technolgy

High Performance

Industrail IoT

Remote and Safe

Advanced Algorithms 

Smart and Fast 






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